Neutraliser Washer Bleacher

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Product Code: AEFT026

Neutraliser Washer Bleacher Manufacturer


• Simple Controls
• Surfaces in contact with the process fluid are stainless steel
• Agitation by variable speed flat blade impeller (variable to 1800rpm)
• Working vacuum of 75mm Hg (ABS) with liquid ring vacuum pump
• Pressure leaf filter designed.
• 25-litre vessel designed.
• Compact and self-contained
• Cooling coil
• Extraction pump
• Electrical heating element.


  • Ease of use
  • Small quantities of oil can be processed
  • No consumable filter elements required 



    Effect of variation of operating parameters such as temperature, vacuum and degree of agitation

  • selection of the correct amount and strength of caustic solution for the particular oil
  • selection of the type and quantity of adsorbent for the bleaching operation
  • optimization of operation of a pressure leaf filter
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