Natural Cooling Tower

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Product Code: AERA022

Natural Cooling Tower Manufacturer

Range Of Experiments

  • To determine the cooling efficiency of Cooling Tower.
    To calculate cooling rate.

Experimental Setup :

  • Heater Assembly.
    Cooling tower size 800 x 800 x 1800 mm
    Packing/Frills steel metal/FRP
    Rotameter : 0 – 11 LPM to measure inlet water flow rates.
    Gysors : 2 Nos of 2 Kw each provide Hot Water.
    Fan – Axial Flow type with 1 HP motor.
    Centrifugal Pump of ½ HP for water circulation.
    Set of thermocouples.

Control Panel :

  • 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
    Main On/Off Switch.
    Starter for axial flow fan.
    Switch : For Pump.
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