Multi purpose Processing Vessel

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Multi purpose Processing Vessel

Product Code: AEFT022

Multi purpose Processing Vessel Manufacturer


• Batch size only 10 – 20 litres
• Integral control console incorporating comprehensive instrumentation
• Fully self-contained system in mobile cabinet
• On-board utilities
• Dual-purpose heating and cooling jacket
• Stainless steel vessel
• Heating to 85°C
• Cooling to 1°C
• Data logging facility


  • Versatile batch processing
  • Used for a variety of powder incorporations
  • Used to make oil/water emulsions
  • Can make as little as five litres


    It consists of a jacketed vat, mounted within a mobile cabinet containing all the servicing utilities and necessary instrumentation.

    The unit is fully self-contained with electrical heating, cooling water and chilled water circulating systems and an efficient emulsifier/mixer, which is easily raised or lowered into the vat.

    A comprehensive control console, also housed in the cabinet, incorporates a chart recorder which continuously records the temperature of the vat contents. Also included on the console is a digital readout for salient temperatures and heating controls.

    The vat is constructed from high quality stainless steel, the interior having a mirror finish.


  • Preparation and curing of ice cream mix
  • Preparation of margarine and soft spread emulsions
  • Production of yogurt and fermented milk products
  • Batch pasteurisation
  • General heating, cooling and chilling utility

    Unit Specifications

    Processing vessel capacity: 20 litres max
    Max. vessel contents temp: 85°C
    Min. vessel contents temp: 0.1°C
    Heating element: 2.0kW
    Emulsifier unit: 0.25kW/50 to 6000rpm

    Emulsifier heads supplied:

  • Emulsifying
  • Disintegrating
  • High shear
  • Axial flow

    Chilled water circulator: 0.2kW compressor motor
    Flow meterrange: 0.3 – 3.0l/m
    Thermocouple sensors: Type K
    Chart recorder: 25, 300 or 600mm/hr speed direct dotting on pressure sensitive paper scale 0 – 100°C

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