Micro Kjeldahl

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Micro Kjeldahl

Product Code: AT230

Micro Kjeldahl Manufacturer

The equipment has a very heavy casted top made of high grade stainless steel block of grade SS-304 with room for heating 40 digestion tubes made of highly energy efficient borosilicate glass of 75 ml each. These heaters are strategically placed throughout the chamber for uniform temperature distribution through the chamber. The outer casing of the equipment id made of thick PCRC sheet duly pre treated with primers for rust proofing and painted with attractive stove enamel paint or powder coated. The 75mm gap between the two walls is filled with mineral wool to have minimal thermal loss and maximum energy efficiency.

Temperature Range: Temperature  Range : 50°C to 350°C

Temperature Control: Temperature is controlled through electronic solid state temperature controller cum indicator or micro processor based digital temperature controller cum indicator.

Temperature Sensitivity:

The temperature is controlled with an efficiency of + 2% (Set Value)

Control Panel:

The control panel is fitted at the side of the equipment, it comprises of mains on/off switch, neon power indicator light, heater on/off indicator light, digital temperature controller cum indicator.

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