Metabolic Shaker Water Bath

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Metabolic Shaker Water Bath

Product Code: AELE118

Metabolic Shaker Water Bath Manufacturer

Metabolic Shaker Water Bath

The bath has an oscillating tray riding on ball rollers oscillated through a geared variable speed motor. Heating is achieved through an immersion type heater and the temperature is controlled by hydraulic type thermostat with an accuracy of + 0.5 . It is a double walled unit with stainless steel interior and exterior sheet duly enamel painted. The pyramidal lid made of S.S. prevents falling of condensed water droplets on the specimens. Shaking speed range is between 40 to 140 cycles per minute and shaking tray can hold test tubes or Erlenmeyer flasks of 25 ml or 50 ml or 100 ml or 250 ml or 500 ml.



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