Mechatronics Training System

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Product Code: ACS003

Mechatronics Training System Manufacturer


  • With 6-Stations modular production system, mechatronics training includes distributing, testing,
  • Processing, handling, assembly and storing stations that can be operated separately or integrally.
  • The modular production system stations allow varying simulation of real production processes that exist in industry field.
  • The system is universal, industry-based, modular and flexible for further expansion.
  • Students can learn the entire process of production such as feeding, processing, etc…
  • Each station simplifies the training of operation and can be expanded sequentially step by step through building complex automated procedure.


It is well known that Mechatronic design becomes more and more important in automation field today.
Mechatronics Training System is a total solution for Mechatronics training, including mechanical design process, mechanical structure design, mechanism and transmission design, electronic and sensor components and PLC, total 5 major units. The Mechatronics Training System is expected to offer completed and enriched education to trainees.

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