Loading of Struts Unit

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Loading of Struts Unit

Product Code: ASLE078

Loading of Struts Unit Manufacturer

Loading of Struts Unit

Specifications :

The unit is mounted on a structure of anodized aluminium profiles with painted steel plates , which has adjustable legs installed.

The unit basically consists of:Two porticoes:

– A 1 m. height portico, where the test struts are placed. It is designed to accommodate struts of different height by using two pins. Therefore, at the upper and lower parts, there are special clamps to subject the strut to the desired ends conditions.

– A 50 cm. height portico, where the experimental strut will be subjected to load by means of a spring balance situated at the upper part and which will tend to elevate the lower beams, so the experimental strut will be subjected to compression.

Bubble level to equilibrate the system.

Regulation nut which, together with a bubble level, will allow to equilibrate the horizontal beams.

Balance 0-50 kg to measure the strut compression load, with 200 g accuracy.

Weight of 1 kg.

Dial gauge, measurement range: 0-20 mm, precision: 0.01 mm, to check the strut flexion according to the experimental strut is subjected to load.

Accessory to create perturbing load over the test strut, which consists of support, pulley and set of masses.

Set of masses, composed of:

– 5 masses of 50 gr.

– 4 masses of 10 gr.

– 1 hook of 100 gr.

Set of test struts, composed of

– 15 struts of rectangular section, of different lengths and different conditions at the ends.

– 15 struts of circular section, of different lengths and different conditions at the ends



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