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Product Code: AEEE005

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General introduction:

  • This system permit to wire by the students different types of asynchronous motor starting.
  • It must be manufactured around an electric hoist of 125 kg capacity with a containment cabinet integrated to the whole.

Frame :

  • Welded stainless steel.
  • Protection of the working area by a safety grid.
  • Access door to the load equipped with a security end stroke sensor and a lock key.

Teaching objectives

  • Mono speed asynchronous motor starting,
  • Bi speed asynchronous motor starting,
  • Frequency variation of the asynchronous motor,
  • Logic control of the brake in lifting mode,
  • Safety devices management,
  • Installation sizes control,
  • Presence or not of voltage (system capable to be used for the electric authorization),
  • Installation and verification of the good working after wiring,
  • Maintenance and setting of the system (thermal relay, adjustment of the end stroke sensors).

Technical specifications

Lifting Mechanism:

  • Electrical bi-speed hoist with chain, 125 kg capacity with brake.
  • Bi-speed lifting Motor 200 W – 400 V 3 phase.
  • Linear speeds: 2 m/mn and 8 m/mn.
  • Working end stroke: high and low.
  • Out stroke: high and low (forcing by key button).
  • Load constituted of a metallic mass of 15 kg and 11 modular elements of 10 kg.

Control part:

The containment cabinet is an integral part of the system and is able to receive the platen wired by the student . We propose in option different set of equipments:

  • 1 wired platen including all the components for a direct starting
  • 1 wired platen including all the components with speed driver.
  • The containment cabinet also include a differential circuit breaker, a end stroke security sensor on the door of the cabinet and one logic block security device that allows the electricity supply of the platen.
  • A fast fixing device and connectors permit a fast installation of the platens wired by the students

General features:

  • Dimensions (L x w x h) (basis) : 1000 x 1000 x 2300 mm.
  • Power supply 3 x 400 V+T+N. 16A.
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