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Clean Room Equipment Exporter

Product Code: AECR018

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Clean Room Equipment Exporter

Dispensing & Sampling Booth

Technical Specifications:

  •  Velocity : 90 ±10 FPM
  •  Illumination : 750 – 800 lumen
  •  Noise level : 60-65 decibels
  •  Standard : ISO-14644-1
  •  Power supply : 230V AC / 415V AC

Dispensing & Sampling Booth are used particularly where hazardous, toxic or sensitizing powders are handled, typically in pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries. Internally constructed in stain polished stainless steel or CRCA Powder coated booths are available in a range of standard and non standard sizes. The air re circulation system ensures complete safety for personnel as a conditioned down flow of air passes vertically from the booths ceiling inlet plenum pushing any dust or vapors downwards and any way from the operators breathing zone. The air is extracted from the booth via low level grills mounted in the rear wall. The exhaust air volume is taken through an Primary pre filter, and 2nd stage fine filter and finally a 3rd stage HEPA filter prior to re circulation in to the booth. Designed with flush fitting panels and with no contamination prone crevices all our dispensing booths are also available in non standard sizes and layouts to suit customer requirements. Our Dispensing & Sampling Booth products are suitable various Medical & Pharma Industries in India & abroad.


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