Jacketed Vessel With Stirrer & Coil

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Jacketed Vessel

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41067

Jacketed Vessel With Stirrer & Coil Manufacturer


  • jacketed heat exchanger for connection
  • hot and cold water supply from
  • heating using jacket or coiled tube
  • stirring machine can be used in all modes
  • speed of stirring machine adjustable using
  • visible working area due to transparent cover
  • recording of temperature using and additional temperature sensor for measuring temperature in tank


  • Nominal value: approx. 1,2L

Stirring machine

  • Speed: 0…330rpm

Heat transfer area

  • Jacket (stainless steel): approx. 0,05m2
  • coil (stainless steel): approx. 0,05m2

Measuring range

  • Temperature: 0…100°C


  • 400x230x400mm
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