Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer

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Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer

Product Code: AEHT031A

Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer Manufacturer

Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer

This device is used to control the temperature of its content by using the cooling or heating jacket. This Jacket allows the uniform transfer of heat. There are different types of jackets which all are available here.


• Miniature jacketed vessel heat exchanger system for use with an Heat Exchanger Service unit
• Comprises processing vessel with outer jacket, inner coil, variable speed stirrer and baffle.
• K-Type thermocouples measure the vessel contents and the inlet and outlet temperature of both fluid streams (6 in total).
• The Heat Exchanger is designed to be installed on the service unit without the need for tools.
• A comprehensive instruction manual describing how to carry out the laboratory teaching exercises in combined radiation and convection (free and forced) and their analysis as well as assembly, installation and commissioning is included.

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