Industrial PID Controller

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Product Code: AEPC008

Industrial PID Controller Manufacturer


Key Features

  • incorporates widely used Honeywell industrial PID controller.
  • PID with alarm and relay outputs
  • Configuration in engineering units
  • serial communications RS232 and RS485
  • introduction to SCADA, (supervision of the controller by a PC) using Windows based serial communication software
  • temperature/time profile set-point ramp facility
  • fuzzy and adaptive tuning
  • alternative control algorithm
  • dual set-points

Technical Specifications

Analogue inputs/outputs

Input 1:  Input 2:  Outputs:
0-5V dc/1-5V dc 1-5V dc 0-5V dc
4-20mA 4-20mA 4-20mA
Type K thermocouple    

Digital outputs:

Relay outputs: Alarm outputs:
N/O contact N/O contact
N/C contact N/C contact
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