Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bender

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Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bender

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO45215

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bender Manufacturer


  • Maximum bending thickness 4mm
  • Maximum bending width 1320mm
  • Bending angle 120°
  • Maximum lift of the upper beam 110mm
  • Main motor power 4KW
  • Oil pump volume 14L/r
  • Pressure 21Mpa


  • Removable Nose Bar
  • Bolted Bottom Bar
  • Compact Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Angle Bar
  • Insert Bar
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge

Electric Foot Switch – Clamps and unclamps Top Leaf. Allows operator mobility when loading and unloading material.
Bend Angle Dial Adjustment – Adjustable cam and scale that read in degrees, actuates an electric limit switch for bend angle control and repeatability of bends.
Material Thickness Dial Adjustment – Reference scale for speedier set up when adjusting clamping pressure.
Back Gauge – 25 1/2″ travel, rack and pinion type with hand wheel adjustment on right side of machine. Inch/Cm scales.
Inch Control – Bending leaf up/down pushbuttons allow complete operator control of the bending leaf motion.
Automatic Cycle – Actuating the “Automatic Pushbutton” clamps the top leaf, raises the bending leaf to the preset bend angle dial adjustment setting, lowers the bending leaf, unclamps the top leaf.
Options Available
• Insert Bar – 1/4 inch (for closer offset bends)
• Radius Formers – for forming gutters, mouldings, and prototypes from thin sheet metal.
• Electronic push button operated Back Gauge with digital readout (see directly below).

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