HTST UHT Mini Pilot System

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of HTST UHT Mini Pilot System. Now accepting bulk orders for government tenders around the globe.

HTST UHT Mini Pilot System

Product Code: AEFT035

HTST UHT Mini Pilot System Manufacturer


• Touch screen control for ease of use
• Compact, mobile, easy to install
• Continuous and batch operation
• Standard throughputs from 30 to 100 l/h (dependent on conditions)
• Units capable of up to 200 l/hr on special request
• Process temperatures up to 150°C
• Capable of aseptic operation
• Membrane control console
• Fully instrumented
• Preheating by hot water (indirect)
• Heating by steam (indirect)
• Plate and tubular heat exchanger options
• Controlled product preheat and heating temperatures
• Simple and rapid switch over between heat exchangers
• Automatic product divert with temperature on tubular heat exchanger
• Built in clean in place (CIP) and sterilisation in place (SIP) facilities
• Integral USB data logging
• Two-stage cooling option
• Electronic flow meter option.

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