Friction On An Inclined Plan Apparatus

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Product Code: AEM014

Friction On An Inclined Plan Apparatus Manufacturer

  • The plan made of soft steel is adjustable between 0 and 45°, it has a length of one meter and its useful surface is rectified.
  • An incorporated reporter indicates the plan angle.
  • The plan can be blocked by means of a simple hand lever.
  • A wagon can be equipped with rolling or blocks in different materials.
  • A strength is applied to the wagon with the help of a set of masses.

Equipment Package :

  • Friction on an inclined plan apparatus.
  • 5 blocks : Aluminium, cast iron, brass, nylon, Teflon.
  • A set of masses.
  • A technical manual with teaching notes


  • 1100 x 400 x 800 mm

Essential requirements

  • The trainer placed on a firm table or work bench (not supplied)
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