Friction Apparatus

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Friction Apparatus Manufacturer

Friction Apparatus

Teaching objectives

  • Investigate the relationship between the friction force and the surfaces in contact.
  • Compare the value of the coefficient of sliding friction between dry surfaces of various materials.
  • Compare the value of the coefficient of sliding friction between dry and lubricated surfaces
  • Compare the force of friction between sliding and rolling surfaces.
  • Compare the force of friction between “Hard” and “Soft” rolling surfaces.

 Technical specifications

  • It is constituted of a shaft with a wheel and two disks equipped with rollers, one of the disks turning in an oil bath.
  • Five different material blocks are provided as standard (rubber, ferodo, brass, cast iron, nylon).
  • These blocks are set under an arm. A mass support hung to the extremity of this arm applies a load on the surface in contact. The friction strength and the friction coefficient are determined by the maximal mass applicable to the wheel to maintain the static balance.
  • Two wheels, of which one with a strip rubber, are provided for the study of sliding and rolling resistance.

Experiment manual

Optional equipment :

  • The unit may be wall mounted or fitted to the Universal Bench Mounting Frame.

Dimensions and weight

  • 370 x 240 x 300 mm
  • Net Weight : 14 kg

Essential requirements

  • A set of masses.
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