Free and Forced Convection Unit

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Free and Forced Convection Unit

Product Code: AT511

Free and Forced Convection Unit Manufacturer

  1. Demonstration of convective heat transfer
  2. Air duct with axial fan
  3. Recording of measured data using electronic sensors

Technical Data

Air duct

  1. Flow cross-section: 120x120mm²
  2. Length: 1m
  3. Max. air velocity: 3,0m/s
  4. Max. flow rate: 160m3/h

Heating Elements

  1. Temperature limiting using bimetallic strip at 120°C
  2. Max. heating capacity: 170W
  3. Flat plate surface area: 0,014m²
  4. Pipe bundle surface area: 0,098m²
  5. Surface area of fins: 0,14m²

Measuring Ranges

  1. 1x air velocity: 0…10m/s
  2. Temperature: 2x 0…100°C,
  3. 1x 0…200°C (thermocouple)
  4. Power: 0…200W
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