Fluorescence Microscopes

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Fluorescence Microscopes

Product Code: FM-001

Fluorescence Microscopes Manufacturer

Objectives Stain free plan Achromatic objectives 4/0, 1, 10/0.25, 40/0.65 & 100/1.25 oil immersion.
Eyepiece Wide field Eyepiece WF 10x paired & one extra for photography and demonstration.
Exciting Filter Unit B- Blue exciting filter unit wavelength 495 nm.

G- Green exciting filter unit wavelength 546 nm.

Epi-fluorescence Light Source Mercury lamp with 100W DC power supply.
Transmitted Light System 6V, 20W Halogen Lamp, Kohler illumination.
Optional Exciting Filter Unit UV- Ultra Violet &

IR- Infrared.

Other Optional Accessorie Photography camera,

Pointer system

Multi Teaching head.

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