Fluidised Bed Dryer

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Product Code: AEFT018

Fluidised Bed Dryer Manufacturer

Fluidised Bed Dryer

It is widely used in pharmaceutical industries to make the contact dry between hot air and particles.


• High rates of heat and mass transfer
• Drying and residence times from a few seconds to a few minutes
• Materials with moisture contents to over 80% may be dried
• Ambient to 100°C drying air temperature range
• Wide range of materials can be processed
• Processes other than drying investigated, e.g., mixing and blending of solids, size reduction, agglomeration and granulation, classification into sizes and cooling of particles
• Wide range of materials can be dried from fine powder to slurries and pastes
• Heat sensitive food stuffs may be dried
• Compact and portable
• Air drawn through mesh filter by centrifugal fan over a 2kw heater and through a stainless steel filter gauze
• Blower controller by a thyristor circuit
• Readings displayed by digital meter
• Manual or interval timing control 0 – 10 minutes
• Filter bag to retain stray particles
• Power consumption: 3kw
Temperature range: 20 – 100°C (±1°C)
Maximum sample weight: 5kg

Technical Specification

Power consumption: 3kW
Temperature range: 20 to 100°C (±1°C)
Timer range: 0 to 10 minutes
Max. sample weight: 5kg

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