Fibre glass Surveying Tripods

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of Fibre glass Surveying Tripods. Now accepting bulk orders for government tenders around the globe.

Fibre glass Surveying Tripods

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO80450

Fibre glass Surveying Tripods Manufacturer


Fiberglass Elevator Tripod,

  • This tripod has a fully-extended height of 12.40 ft (3.80 m) and a collapsed height of 5.97 ft (1.82m)
  • The legs and dowels are constructed of fiberglass, resulting in durability, strength and resistance to weathering
  • It features an adjustable center column that gives the tripod 5.97-ft (1.82-m) of lift.
  • A detachable round head plate with a 5/8 x 11 stud gives your GPS Antenna a sturdy platform
  • Lockable leg stabilizer struts, dual clamps, twist locks, quick clamps, along with dual metal and rubber leg points create greater stability.
  • The tripod also includes a leg strap
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