Extended Surface Heat Exchanger

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Extended Surface Heat Exchanger

Product Code: AEHT028B

Extended Surface Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Extended Surface Heat Exchanger


• A small-scale accessory designed to demonstrate the temperature profile and heat transfer characteristics for an extended surface when heat flows along the rod by conduction and heat is lost along the rod by combined convection and radiation
• The extended surface comprises a 10mm diameter, long brass rod mounted horizontally and heated at one end with a 20 Watt, 24V DC heater.
• Eight thermocouples mounted at 50mm intervals along the rod provide the temperature distribution.
• Temperature of the ambient air is measured by an independent thermocouple.
• The accessory is mounted on a PVC baseplate which is designed to stand on the bench top and connect to the Heat Transfer Service Unit without the need for tools.
• A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied.

Experimental Capabilities

> Measuring the temperature distribution along an extended surface (pin) and comparing the result with a theoretical analysis
> Calculating the heat transfer from an extended surface resulting from the combined modes of free convection and radiation heat transfer and comparing the result with a theoretical analysis.


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