Equilibrium Boiling Point Apparatus

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Equilibrium Boiling Point Apparatus Manufacturer

Equilibrium Boiling Point Apparatus

Main characteristics of the bench

  • Boiling point cell made of borosilicate glass

Principal and Operation:

A liquid (X) is heated up to its boiling point in a micro-boiler; the producing vapours (Y) are in equilibrium with the liquid. At atmospheric pressure, a total condenser flows back the hot condensates into the boiler: The equilibrium between the boiling liquid and its vapour is perfect.
The boiling point cell is equivalent to one perfect theoretical stage; when the liquid – vapour equilibrium is maintained sample can be taken from the liquid and the gas phases using micro-syringes.

Teaching objectives

  • Determination of the equilibrium curves at atmospheric pressure.

Technical specifications


  • Boiling point cell made of borosilicate glass ; volume : 50 ml.
  • Borosilicate glass condenser.
  • Heating magnetic stirrer, with adjustable heating power and adjustable stirring speed.
  • Cold water feeding.
  • Cooling fluid tube made of reinforced PVC.
  • P.V.C. plate
  • Support framework with AISI 304L stainless steel tubes and aluminium connecting nuts.


  • Set of samples and feeding syringes.
  • Command and control cabinet fitted with an emergency stop, operating buttons and the digital temperature indicator for one Pt100 Ω type probe

Dimensions and weight

  • 0.83 m x 0.4 m x 0.95 m ~ 40 kg.

Essential requirements

  • 230 V / 50 Hz / Single phase : 1 kW.
  • Cold water 20°C / 3 bar : 200 l/h.
  • Drain.
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