Energy Losses in Pipes

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Energy Losses in Pipes

Product Code: AEFM035A

Energy Losses in Pipes Manufacturer

Energy Losses in Pipes

This equipment allows the pressure drop of water passing through a hydraulically smooth circular pipe to be measured in detail and the pipe friction equation to be verified.


• Vertical test pipe with pressure tappings at entry and exit
• Feed either direct from hydraulics bench or from constant head tank
• Water and mercury manometers supplied as standard
• Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench
• Educational Software available as an option

Technical Details

Item Value
Diameter of test pipe: 3.0mm
Length of test pipe: 560mm
Distance between pressure tapping points: 510mm
Range of mercury manometer: 500mm
Range of water manometer: 500mm
Measuring cylinder capacity: 1000m

Measurement Capabilities:

> Investigating the variation of friction head along a circular pipe with the mean flow velocity in the pipe

> Investigating the effects of laminar and turbulent flow regimes

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