Emulsion Polymerization Reactor

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Emulsion Polymerization Reactor

Product Code: AECR013

Emulsion Polymerization Reactor Manufacturer

Emulsion Polymerization Reactor

It is used for styrene polymerization, along with the relevant balance equations. The result is calculated for for the temperature profile and monomer consumption as a function of time. It has a controller loop which determines the flow rate of the cooling/heating fluid. This device is basically used for the production of synthetic polymers.

For the improvement of design and for the control of emulsion polymerization reactors there are substantial incentives.  We are manufacturer and exporter of Emulsion Polymerization Reactor.

Initiator from reservoir is supplied to the reactor under pressure. Set-up is complete& self-contained with sampling ports.


  • Effect of monomer concentration
  • Effect of Initiator concentration.
  • Effect of emulsifier concentration.
  • Effect of RPM on conversion

Utilities Required:

  • Water supply and drain.
  • Electricity- 1.5kw, Single.
  • Instruments, Laboratory wares and Chemicals required for analysis as per the system adopted.
  • Vacuum Pump
  • High purity N2 gas
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