Electric Circuits Lab

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Product Code: ECS001

Electric Circuits Lab Manufacturer

Electric Circuits Lab


  • Ideal for electric circuit experiments and design exercises.
  • Integrated trainer with complete curriculum.
  • Complete with power supplies and test systems for easy and efficient experimentation.
  • Universal breadboard (1680 tie points) for circuit design and prototyping.
  • All modules equipped with an 8-bit DIP switch for circuits fault simulations.


The Linear Circuits Lab(1) Electric Circuits Lab is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for  tuition and experimentation with electric circuits.

All necessary equipments for electric circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, analog and digital meters are installed on the main unit.

The 11 modules cover a wide variety of essential topics for electric circuit. It is indeed a time and cost saver for both students and engineers interested in training, developing and testing prototypes circuit.

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