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Dynamic Shear Rheometer Manufacturer

Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)

The Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) determines linear viscoelastic properties of performance-graded asphalt binders at temperatures from 5°—85°C (41°—185°F). A disc of asphalt binder is confined between circular parallel plates at a specified temperature, and one of the plates is oscillated at a known torque. Dynamic shear modulus and phase angle properties are measured.

Air-Bearing DSR tests asphalt binder in standard QC/QA testing and some research applications. The instrument can be operated in strain control or stress control modes. The system includes a torque-measuring drive for determining strain and a circulator system to immerse the sample in fluid (usually water) at a constant temperature. The lower specimen plates hold the sample in place, while the upper measurement plates oscillate to produce strain. 8mm and 25mm upper and lower stainless steel specimen plates are provided, as well as a RTD temperature device. A special “NO GAP” feature, alleviates the need for the operator to re-zero the instrument gap when upper or lower plates are removed, replaced or at temperature changes. The two marked SHRP testing positions are easily selected and locked. The latest ASTM and AASHTO protocols are built into software and PG Grading determinations are automatic. The DSR requires an air supply of 1 SCFM at 60psi. Est. Ship Wt.: 240lb (109kg).


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