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Product Code: AEM027

Digital Torsion Testing Machine Manufacturer

It has a maximum torque rating of 600 Nm and a speed of rotation that can be varied between 0.1 and 250 radians/min. The headstock is electro-mechanically operated.
The integrated analogue/digital interface and software are used for control, data acquisition and analysis using an IBM compatible PC.
Specimens and components of various sizes and materials can be used. Tests may be carried out at fixed or variable speed, in continuous or alternate mode as a function of torque, speed or acceleration.

Teaching objectives

The torsion test machine allows a wide range of tests and experiments, including :

  • Torsion in a solid rod, transmission components (cable, clutch etc).
  • Fatigue testing in torsion up to 1 Hz

Technical specifications

The based on a horizontally mounted box-type frame. It includes :

  • An electro-mechanical headstock.
  • An adjustable tailstock with a locking facility.
  • Maximum torque : +/- 600 Nm.
  • Distance between platens : from 0 to 1,000 mm.
  • Rotational clearance : 300 mm.
  • Specimen holders : grooved platens of 300 mm diameter and conical jaws.
  • Torsion measurements are made using two strain gauges, one of capacity 600 Nm the other 60 Nm, class 0.5.
  • Speed of rotation : 0.1 to 250 radians/mn (other ranges on request).
  • LVDT linear transducer : +5 mm stroke for measuring tailstock displacement.Incremental angle transducer : accuracy 0.002 radians.
  • Integrated control, data acquisition and data handling facility using.
  • Control and acquisition interface.
  • Software.
  • Machine control in torque or displacement mode.
  • Torsion tests in continuous or alternate mode.
  • Tests in creep and relaxation

Equipment Package 

We offer the following equipment :

  • Standard equipment.
  • Test machine with welded steel chassis for floor mounting.
  • Control and acquisition interface.
  • Software
Optional equipment :
  • Test furnace for tests up to 500°C.
  • Torque meter (of required capacity).
  • Manual control box
Dimensions and weight
  • 226 x 70 x 70 cm – 280 kg
Essential requirements
  • Personal computer IBM compatible with RS232 free port.
  • 230 V single phase or 380 V 3 phases, 50 Hz
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