Deodorising Unit

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Product Code: AEFT028

Deodorising Unit Manufacturer

Deodorising Unit


  •  10 litre capacity stainless steel jacketed vatStainless steel pressure vessel
  • Stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Comprehensive control panel and instructions
  • Liquid ring vacum pump
  • Steam ejector
  • CondenserElectrical heating of the oil
  • Internal cooling coil
  • Extraction pump
  • Polishing filter
  • Vacuum to 1 Torr
  • Temperatures to 250°C
  • Internal steam sparge.


  • Operation of small-scale version of the industrial process
  • Determination of optimum process conditions for different oil types
  • Effect of variation of process temperature effect of variation of process pressureEffect of variation of quantity of direct steam added
  • Effect of variation of quantity of direct steam addedEffect of variation of overall process time.
  • Effect of variation of overall process time.
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