Deflection Of Curved Bars Unit

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Deflection Of Curved Bars Unit

Product Code: ASLE085

Deflection Of Curved Bars Unit Manufacturer

Deflection of Curved Bars Unit


Bench-top unit mounted on a structure of anodized aluminum, with painted steel panel, and with regulable in heigh legs.

The unit basically consist of:

Structure of aluminum and steel on which the dial gauges are mounted and clamps for the test bars.

2 Dial gauges with range from 0-10 mm, and with 0.01 mm accuracy, to measure the deformation of the test bar subjected to a  force.

4 Test curved bars, made of steel, with different lengths and curvatures.

Set of weights, composed of:

5 weights of 200 gr. each one.

1 weight of 100 gr.

Steel hook to hand the weights and it is hanging in the application point of the force.



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