Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

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Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Product Code: AEHT033A

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

  • This unit consists of a PVC rectangular duct, axial fan and a single fan radiator
  • The radiator is accommodated in the middle and across the air duct
  • The axial fan is located between the radiator and one edge of the duct. It can provide max air velocity of 2m/s.
  • The fins of the radiator are made from copper and shine in the light, and allow a heat transfer area of 14,000mm2
  • Four thermocouples measure input and output water and air temperatures
  • Quick release hot fluid connections allow rapid connection
  • The exercises proposed with the provide function of basic engineering concepts such as psychometric properties and mathematical iteration
  • An air velocity sensor provides measurement of air flow inside the duct, which can be directly observed on the units software
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