Creep Testing Unit

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Creep Testing Unit

Product Code: ASLE075

Creep Testing Unit Manufacturer

Creep Testing Unit

[1] Table unit for the investigation of the creep behaviour of different materials
[2] Flat specimens made of lead and PE
[3] Specimen cross-section 2x5mm, measured length 25mm
[4] Tensile stress range 5…25N/mm²
[5] Position measurement gauge 0…10mm, resolution 0.01mm
[6] Experiments above or below room temperature possible with conditioning box
Technical Data
– material: lead, PE
– cross-section: 2x5mm
– measured length: 25mm
Tensile stress range: 5…25N/mm²
Position measurement
– range: 0…10mm
– resolution 0.01mm

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