Condensation Polymerization Reactor

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Condensation Polymerization Reactor Manufacturer

Condensation Polymerization Reactor

Condensation Polymerization forms hydrocarbons. Condensation polymers may be biodegradable. Some polymers are proteins, fabrics such as nylon, silk, or polyester. It is used as a framework for the analysis of batch experiments.

Reactor is fitted with Nichrome wire heaters and digital temperature controller controls temperature. Metered quantity of nitrogen gas from a cylinder, allowed entering, in the reactor. Set-up is complete &. self-contained with sampling ports. The top cover can be removed for cleaning purpose. Feed is fed from top through a funnel provided with S.S. Ball Valve. An outlet is given to Condenser fitted with a Perken’s triangle for collecting the condensate. Vapors are allowed to enter in the shell of condenser and cooling water is allowed to pass through the tube and condensate is collected.


  • To determine the kinetic parameters of a Condensation polymerization reaction between Pthalic acid and Hexamethylene diamine with &.without acid catalyst

Utilities Required

  • Water supply and drain
  • Electricity-I.5kw, Single
  • Space 0.7m x 0.7m x 1.0m
  • Instruments, Laboratory wares and Chemicals required for analysis as per the system adopted.
  • High purity N2 gas


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