Computer Controlled Chemical Reactor Teaching Equipment

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Product Code: AEU002A

Computer Controlled Chemical Reactor Teaching Equipment Manufacturer

Computer Controlled Chemical Reactor Teaching Equipment

Chemical Reactors Teaching Equipment

• A self-contained bench top service unit designed to provide services for up to five different chemical reactors:
– Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
– Tubular Reactor
– Transparent Batch Reactor
– Plug flow reactor
– Laminar Flow reactor
• Fully computer controlled and supplied with educational software (32/64 bit) specific to each reactor type. Simple interfacing to the (user supplied) computer by a USB interface
– Two peristaltic feed pumps with individually variable flow rates, 0-140 ml/min
– Provides PID temperature controlled hot water in order to maintain reactor temperature
– Complete with two thermocouples, an input for a third (user) thermocouple and a dual range conductivity sensor


> Compact bench top equipment
> Real-time reaction monitoring instrumentation, eliminating the inconvenience and inaccuracy of multiple titrations.
> Transparent reactors, so the student can see what is happening
> Colour tracer experiments possible for some reactor types
> Cost effective, up to five reactors share the same service unit.
> Computer control and data logging as standard
> Safe and student friendly
> Five different reactor types available:
– Continuous stirred tank reactor
– Tubular reactor
– Batch reactor
– Plug flow reactor
– Laminar flow reactor

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