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CHN Analyzer

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  • Field Application – Coal / Coke and other carbonaceous rock material
  • Conforming to the international standard ASTM D 5373.
  • Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen must be detected using Infrared / Thermal Conductivity Detector.
  • Instruments must have the facility for internal calibration by analyzing standard sample.
  • Balance – having accuracy of 0.1 mg.  with automatic weight entry facility to
  • Instrument should be capable of analyzing sample portion of 50 mg to 200 mg of 212 micron size coal/coke sample.
  • Power to the instruments – 230 ± 10% V AC, 50Hz.
  • System must have fully automatic operation facility at user command basis. Auto sampler should have 30 or more positions.
  • Tender submitted must carry supportive documents for the above specifications and range of detection of above elements repeatability/accuracy as per international standard etc., with branded computer ( Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo etc.) having following specifications- Processor i7 or better, 500 GBHDD, 4 GB RAM, 19” LED colour monitor with USB ports, multimedia keyboard, optical mouse and LaserJet printer.
  • Supplier should provide at least one certified reference coal sample with certified values of C, H, N.
  • Gas, Cylinders & Regulators – Equipment should have the capability to use Helium gas as
    carrier gas and Oxygen as combustion gas. Two gas filled (He & O2) 47 liter water capacity steel cylinder and two double stage SS regulators (BIS certified) should be supplied with equipment (Price should be quoted separately).
  • Tender submitted must carry the copy of recent 2 to 3, purchase order for similar instrument.
  • Warranty – 5 years comprehensive for complete instruments
  • Consumable for testing of 5000 sample must be supplied with the instrument. It should be quoted separately.
  • Others – Installation, training and demonstration on samples for a minimum period of five days or till satisfaction whichever is greater.
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