Chilled Water Refrigerating System Control Trainer

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Product Code: ARAC001

Chilled Water Refrigerating System Control Trainer Manufacturer

Chilled Water Refrigerating System Control Trainer


  • It is convenient for learning since the commonly-used control components of chilled water unit were placed on the panel layout.
  • Three-phase motor is used in place of compressor. The learner can go forward their hands-on practicing step by step from basics like interlocking circuit, motor start-up and control circuit of forward / reverse rotation, to the advanced one such as the complete control circuit of reciprocating / screw type chilled water unit, etc..
  • The used pressure component is triggered by direct vapor-pressurizing so the system can close to the real one. On the contrary, the traditional components used for teaching of the past that have to be actuated by bolt or screwdriver can be discarded.
  • The input vapor-pressure, which is divided into 3 mimic pressures like low- pressure, high-pressure and oil pressure, can be used and adjusted separately so the learner would have clearer understanding of functionality of each component accordingly.
  • The E.O.C.R is equipped.
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