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Product Code: AEFT003

Cheese Vat Manufacturer

Cheese Vat


• A bench mounted plinth manufactured from high impact vacuum formed plastic containing a water bath with 2kW heater and circulation pump, into which is mounted a stainless steel vat of 6.5 litres capacity containing pH and temperature probes and a variable sweep rate agitator paddle driven by a guarded motor mounted on the plinth.
• Both water bath and vat are provided with drain down facilities.
• Full instrumentation is integral with the plinth for temperature display and control, pH display and agitator paddle speed control.
• Data logging points are also provided allowing process data to be transferred to a PC via an optional data logging accessory.
• All parts in contact with the product are designed to be easily dismounted for cleaning.
• The cheese Vat is supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories required to make a variety of cheeses.


Technical Specification

Vat capacity: 6.5 litres (makes approximately 650g hard cheese)
Water heater: 2kW
Temperature control: Adjustable to 50°C
Agitator rate: Adjustable
Vat contents sensors: Temperature, pH

Cheese making accessories:

  •  A stainless steel strainer to separate curds and whey
  • A stainless steel cheese mould
  • Two cheese knives
  • A cheese press
  • Wall chart: ‘The Cheese Making Process’
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