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Product Code: AEFT046

Cheese Vat and Cheese Making Accessories Manufacturer

Cheese Vat & Cheese Making Accessories


  • Ten litre capacity stainless steel jacketed vat
  • Bench mounting with small footprint
  • Separate console controls vat temperature and paddle speed
  • Water heater fitted in console
  • Temperature and pH can be monitored by microcomputer using an appropriate interface
  • Range of cheese making accessories
  • Simple controls


  •  heating and agitating milk, and holding at an exact temperature for addition of starter culture and rennetholding at temperature during coagulation
  • holding at temperature during coagulationcutting and healing the
  • cutting and healing the curd
  • heating and agitating gradually and accurately to ‘scald’ the curd
  • maintaining the higher temperatures and agitating for a further period
  • settling the curd or ‘pitching’
  • drawing the whey
  • milling
  • salt addition

Unit Specifications

Working Capacity:
10 litres
Perforated Strainer: Stainless steel
Hygienic Outlet Valve: ‘Pinch type’
Agitator Paddle: Stainless steel
Agitator Drive Motor: 50W, 0-30rpm

The agitator drive linkage is designed to allow the paddle to traverse the vat at rates between 0 and 60 times per min.

Control Console:

Heating water circulator: 0.85kW, temperature range ambient to 80°C set by analog dial,
(Control accuracy: ±1°C, Safety: over-temperature cutout),
max. flow 10lpm
Agitator paddle variable speed drive control: Thyristor, DC
Analog output ports: voltage output O-1Vdc proportional to temperature and pH (2 channels). Suitable for microcomputer connection via any appropriate interface, e.g. FT20-90IFD-USB
pH/temperature indication: 3½ digit display
Thermocouple probe: Type K
pH probe: Food spear type, 0 -14pH
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