Cavitation Demonstration

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Cavitation Demonstration

Product Code: AEFM045A

Cavitation Demonstration Manufacturer

Cavitation Demonstration

  • A small scale apparatus designed to demonstrate Cavitation using an  Hydraulics Bench
  • The apparatus consists of a circular Venturi shaped section manufactured from clear acrylic
  • Three Bourdon gauges indicate the static pressure upstream of the contraction, inside the throat and downstream of the expansion
  • Flow control valves upstream and downstream of the test section allow flow conditions to be optimised for the demonstration of Cavitation.
  • Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench
  • Educational software available as an option.


Technical Details:

  • Upstream pressure gauge: 63mm diameter, Range 0 to 1 Bar
  • Throat vacuum gauge: 100mm diameter, Range -1 to 0 Bar
  • Downstream pressure gauge: 63mm diameter, Range 0 -1 Bar
  • Can be operated independently from the Hydraulics Bench for visualisation only using a cold water mains supply with 0.4 litres/sec at 2 Bar gauge.
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