Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer

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Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer

Product Code: AEFT021

Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer Manufacturer

Practical Training Exercises

• detailed study of batch blast freezing process
• study of fluid bed freezing
• effect of air velocity
• effect of air temperature
• demonstration of the industrial process.


Technical Details

Max. air velocity: 10m/sec
Minimum cabinet temp: -35°C

Blast freezer section:
Number of trays:
Cross-section of duct: 0.3m x 0.3m

Fluid bed section:
Area of fluid bed:
0.05m 2
Fluid bed surround height: adjustable to 100mm
Evaporator fan: 1.1kW
Compressor(water cooled): 4.0kW

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