Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration

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Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration

Product Code: AT3188

Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration Manufacturer

Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration


  • This equipment enables to study the Bernoulli’s theorem through the use of a classical venture tube
  • Equipped with 6 static tapping points and a pilot tube for the measurement of dynamic pressure along the duct
  • The tapping points and pilot tube are connected with a seven tubes differentialpressure gauge
  • The water flow rate is controlled by two valves placed at the inlet & outlet of the Venturi tube


  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure
  • 7 tubes pressure gauge, range 0 ~ 500 mm
  • Diameter of venture tube : 20 mm
  • Venturi tube throat diameter : 10 mm
  • Upstream taper : 14º
  • Downstream taper : 21º
  • Dimension : 650 x 400 x 850 mm

Training Program

  • Demonstration of Bernoulli’s theorem and of its limitations
  • Direct measurement of the static and dynamic pressure distribution along a Venturi tube
  • Determining the discharge coefficient of the Venturi tube


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