Benchtop Rapid Extractor

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Benchtop Rapid Extractor

Product Code: AEFT032

Benchtop Rapid Extractor Manufacturer


• Fast, efficient solid-liquid extraction of active constituents from plants, herbs, fruits and other similar materials.
• High pressure, room temperature extraction, excellent for sensitive materials.
• Unaltered natural properties and characteristics of the active constituents, no discolouration or oxidisation.
• Easy to use: microprocessor control and real time display of sequencing and process parameters.
• Automatic pressure control.
• Automatic alarm indication of process anomalies.
• Highly flexible extraction parameters.


  • Fast response. Results in hours rather than days.
  • Small-scale, only one litre of material is required.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • Uses ethanol, glycerol, water or similar safe solvents.
  • Reproducible results.
  • Scale up.


  •  Fruit flavours
  • Herbs and plant extracts
  • Spirit liquors
  • Tinctures and infusions
  • Herbal extracts and homeopathy
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical

Technical Specifications

Feature Value
Vessel volume 1l
Total solvent capacity: 1.2l
Maximum pressure 8 Bar
Single piston
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