Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit

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Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit

Product Code: AEFT017

Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit Manufacturer


• Fully self contained system
• Floor Mounted
• Single extraction/desolventiser vessel
• Miscella tank
• Tops condensor
• Solvent/water recovery tank
• All flame proof construction


  • Operation of small-scale version of industrial processes
  • A wide variety of solid/liquid extractions may be processed
  • Small quantities (25 kgs) can be processed
  • Low disposal ratesUnit Specifications

    Extractor Vessel:
    100 litres
    Batch capacity: 25kg based on density of 560kg/m3
    Direct steam: 0 – 7 kg/hr
    Indirect steam: 0 – 3.5 bar

    Miscella Tank:
    30 litres
    Minimum extract: 2 litres
    Direct steam: 0 – 4kg/hr
    Indirect steam: 0 – 3.5 bar

    Solvent Condenser:
    Condensing capacity:
    Condensing area: 2.5m2
    Cooling medium: water
    Cooling water flow range: 0 – 22 l/m

    Solvent Water Separator Tank:
    Volume of separator section:
    16 litres
    Volume of solvent store section:16 litres

    Waste Water Tank:
    Total volume:
    15 litres

    Vacuum Pump:
    Double PTFE diaphragm
    Drive: Flameproof a.c. motor
    Operating pressure: 100mbar (max).

    Solvent Pump:
    Drive: Flameproof a.c. motor
    Solvent flow range: 0-8lpm with by-pass flow control.


    FT29-C: 415V/3ph/50Hz, (0.6kW)
    FT29-D: 208V/3ph/60Hz, (0.6kW)
    FT29-E: 380V/3ph/50Hz, (0.6kW)
    FT29-F: 220V/3ph/60Hz, (0.6kW)

    Cooling Water
    25 l/m @ 3.0 (min) – 5.0 (max) bar pressure.

    Steam Supply
    20kg/hr @ 5.0 bar min. pressure

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