Advanced Mechanisms Laboratory Station

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Advanced Mechanisms Laboratory Station Manufacturer

Advanced Mechanisms Laboratory Station

Teaching objectives

  • Deal mechanisms.
  • Determination of the ideal configuration and the corresponding transmitted forces and couples.
  • Real mechanisms.
  • Effect of friction on the operation of mechanisms ; study of kinematic constraints, reversibility, efficiency.
  • Experiments are carried out on a range of standard links, and displacement transducers mounted on the supporting plate, permit measurements of displacements and transmitted forces and couples.
  • The innovative unit is designed for an in-depth experimental three-dimensional study of mechanisms.
  • A range of standard links is supplied. These are mounted on a plate equipped with six strain gauge displacement transducers which measure the applied loads. Comprehensive software for a compatible PC micro computer is supplied for data acquisition and display of forces and couples and plate displacements.
  • Signals are processed using the Strain Bridge and the acquisition board.

Technical specifications

Equipment Package :

  • Standard equipment including a kit of links (5 shafts and 4 hubs) and the loading system with the mass.
  • Complementary equipment for studding of simple and mixed links in serial or parallel.
  • Complementary loading system hang for studding of multi directional mechanical actions.
  • Complementary equipment for studding of friction phenomena.

Dimensions and weight

  • 300 x 300 mm – 9 kg.

Essential requirements

  • Strain bridge.
  • PC computer with MS DOS (the software is on MS DOS and exist only in a French version).
  • Free ISA slot on the computer available.
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