AC Induction Motor Winding Trainer

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Product Code: AEMP003

AC Induction Motor Winding Trainer Manufacturer


  • Use 4mm safety socket terminal.
  • The clear printed of winding set code and colorful wire top allow user to do winding and operation easily.
  • The power input with the motor circuit breaker prevents the dangerous of wrong winding and improper operation.
  • Easy linking to brake control, and can measure and draw the characteristics curve of each winding motor through PC.
  • Plug-In module helps teachers to complete the experiments easily and quickly. (Optional).


AC Induction Motor Winding Trainer is a motor that can be connected for various poles as the self-starting three-phase induction motor and single-phase induction motor which is used with the resistor or capacitor starting.

Students can learn the different  types of motor winding through the simple winding connection. Using the optional Magnetic Powder Brake Unit and Brake Controller, it can offer external load torque to see the characteristics of different types of motor.

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