Laboratory Metallurgical Microscope

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Laboratory Metallurgical Microscope

Product Code: MM-002

Laboratory Metallurgical Microscope Manufacturer

Monocular inclinable body having coarse and graduated fine motion knobs, Incident light through epi-illuminator with iris diaphragm and slot for filters, equipped with triple revolving nose-piece, special graduated detachable mechanical stage for x-y movement of specimen, solid state variable light conrtol transformer 20 watt for Halogen Bulb. Supplied with a daylight blue filter in mount, a spare bulb, vinyl cover, complete in a plywood storing cabinet with following optical combination :-

Ach. Objectives : M 10x and M 40x Huy. Eyepieces : 10x and 15x (i) With achromatic objectives. (ii) With Achromatic objectives assembled from imported hard coated lenses for anti-reflection

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