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Advanced Technocracy (Atico Export) is the leading manufacturer of Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment using latest technology. We offer the superior quality as well as reliability of fluid mechanics products so that we have a huge number of customers which is incomparable with other companies. Our innovative products are used worldwide. Here we have provided the full description of Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment.

What is Fluid and Mechanics?

We all know that common states of matter consist of solid, liquid, and gas. Fluid can be liquid or gas so Fluid Mechanics is the branch of science which deals with the behavior of the fluids (Liquids or gases) at rest as well as in motion. That’s why this branch considers with the statics, kinematics and dynamics aspects of fluids.

Branches of Fluid Mechanics?

There are two branches of it which are mentioned below:

  • Fluid Statistics or hydrostatics
  • Fluid Dynamics

1. Fluid Statistics or hydrostatics:

The rest study of fluids is called as fluid statics. Fluid in motions, where pressure forces are not considered that is called as fluid kinematics.

2. Fluid Dynamics:

When the pressure does force at the time of fluid in motion that part of science is called fluid dynamics.

These types of equipments are not easy to manufacture so we have made it in such a way that user can use it very easily.

Actually we do not focus only on the quality we also made the equipments by considering its accuracy, result orientation and low cost also.

Why Atico Export for Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment Manufacturer?
  1. Our best quality of equipment gives our good image which gives the confidence of trust in Atico Export for international Client.
  2. Compatible to use the Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment by users along with 100% accuracy result.
  3. Best and fast service after placing the order. We always try to deliver the material on our commitment time, which gives the satisfaction to customer.
  4. We believe to provide services and support till the commitment time periods.
  5. Surety of 100% guarantees and warranty as per condition before purchasing according to equipments.
  6. Best rates which are reliable for customers that removes their burden.
  7. Transparency in our manufacturing unit gives the 100% surety and satisfaction in international clients.
  8. Quick response in customer queries whether the order is big or small. We never do partiality with our clients.

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