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5 Common Misconceptions About Engineering

If we ask someone that what he is and if he replied that he is an engineer then we get astounded and said wow. Generally people think that engineers are so talented but clever. Mostly parents want that their son must be an engineer because they got high salary packages and it is also a reputed job. In fact our teachers also think that this field is a good career option, prestige and they have more potential than popularity.

So guys today we are going to tell you that if you are thinking that engineers are so intelligent and smart but soulless and heartless then here we dispel your common misconceptions about engineering.

You would be a little amazed to know some misunderstandings about them as mentioned below.

  1. They are heartless
  2. Disgusting to date them
  3. Suitable field for boys only
  4. Engineers are brilliant in maths
  5. More career opportunities

They are heartless:

If you think that Engineers are heartless then you think wrong. They have as much soul as the others have and full of heart. A kind hearted person helps everyone just like engineers help the entire country to develop and grow in today’s competitive world. Even they explore the world. Their ideas become reality for others, like to make bridges, tall buildings, hotels etc. These things help not only this generation but also help the Future generations. So how can I say that engineers are heartless? Think again.

Disgusting to date an engineer:

Actually this stigma is funny as I think that dating an engineer will be cheerful. As we know that they have a fix schedule to work and some time more than the 9 hours. They do not have much time to go out so definitely you will get their enough time to spend. Stable job stable income will not create any other issue so less chance of argue or disputes.

Suitable field for boys only:

This filed is suitable for boys only that is totally an illusion. The number of girls in engineering field is gradually increasing with the passage of time.

Engineers are brilliant in maths:

When I figured out I totally found it wrong. I have seen many of my friends who are doing engineering but failed in mathematics. Students generally think that engineering stream is tough because of maths. When I figured out I totally found it wrong. A person who is not good in maths can do engineering as well. This stream is not so good at maths but yes passion for understanding the algebra will take you ahead and it is not so tough to learn for others. For engineers practical knowledge is must with the theory. They must have complete knowledge about their experiments by using different Engineering Lab Equipment.

More career opportunities:

It is also a misconception that only this field have a lots of job opportunities. There are some other streams which have more job opportunities and good salary than engineering. Here we are listing those streams which have many golden chances for career:

  • Chartered accountants
  • Air force and Army
  • Various other posts in Railway and Banking
  • Medical
  • Management
  • Fashion
  • Hospitality
  • Law
  • Media and Entertainment Industry

We hope that now people will change their mind set for engineers and will think differently about them.

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