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Types of Mechanical Components and their uses

Mechanical Components are used to reduce friction. There are various Mechanical lab components for Mechanical Lan Equipment which are described below:

Bearings and Bushings:

Bearings are widely used between rotating and a non-rotating piece. Bearings are of two types “Anti-Friction” and Journal Bearing. It has three parts which are race, carriers and the rollers. Its lubrication is done by using oil via the oil pump. Bearings are made of a stainless steel or iron.

Bushing is the type bearing that is held in a housing and accepts a rotating part. Bushing is a round shaped cylinder which is used to support a shaft.

Belts and Pulleys:

Belts and Pulleys are used in Vehicles. Pulleys are turned by an engine which are connected by alternator, air conditioner compressor, power steering pump and water pump.

Brakes and Clutches:

Clutches and Brakes are used to control drive torque, speed, and power. It can transfer the torque between an input shaft and an ourput shaft.

Chains and Sprockets:

Chains have a number of parts its roller turns on the bushing which is connected on each end to the inner plate. Sprockets are of four types:

  1. Type A: Plain Plate sprockets
  2. Type B: Hub on one side
  3. Type C: Hub on both sides
  4. Type D: Detachable hub

Fastening and Joining:

Fastening and Joining components are used to speed up and for safety of various parts like screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, and clips.

Gears and Gearing:

It consists of geometry and materials, including English and metric designs.

Industrial Hardware:

There are various  parts in Industrial Hardware likes bumpers, drawer slides, eye nuts, eyebolts, flexible support arms, grommets, hoist rings, hooks, casters, handles, pulls etc.


It converts electrical energy into linear or rotary mechanical work.

Mechanical Lab Equipment:

We are Mechanical Lab Equipment Manufacturer and suppliers since last 61 years. All products are available to trade and supply.

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