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Top 5 Crazy Science Experiments to Do

Hey Guys! Here we have a list of top 10 experiments which will definitely teach u a lot. You can do these experiments at your school or at your home to learn interesting science facts. Science is the subject that can be learn through experiments only. You can’t understand its topics without learning about experiment So guys what are waiting for just try these amazing experiments then show your experimental science to others.

1st:- Make a form that convert into smoke:

  • Take Ultra Dish Detergent (liquid form).
  • Now pour some water inside of the water.
  • Then we have to mix it up.
  • Now grab a piece of dry ice.
  • Then see what happens.


  • Foam will come out continuously.
  • When you pub bubbles smoke come out
  • For the kids it will be super experiment to do at school.

2nd:- Coca Cola and Mix strange Chemical Reaction:

  • This is the experiment to see the reaction between the phosphoric acid in the coke and the calcium contained in milk.
  • For this experiment you must have a bottle of Cola-Cola and Some milk.
  • Now pour little bit of milk in to Coca-Cola bottle.
  • Then gently shake the bottle 3-4 times and leave it for 6 hours now see the reaction.


  • Now see the bottom of the bottle its appear like dirty water and sand.
  • Top of the coke will be lighter and floats.

3rd:- How to Turn Milk into stone:

  • Take a cup of milk and add two tea-spoon vinegar into it.
  • Now stirring the mixture well.
  • Pour the mixture through strainer.
  • Drain the liquid as much as possible from the mixture.
  • Now wrap it into a paper.
  • Leave it for 48 hours to dry.
  • Now see the result.


Milk has converted into a stone. It can’t be break by a knife.

4th:- Can you make a water candle? Let’s try..

  • We need a glass of water, a candle, scissor, Kerosene quart, a plastic cover (cut into a round shape).
  • Get a bougie after taking off the wax from one of the small candle.
  • Now cut a round shape of the plastic.
  • Then make a whole into the plastic cover and adjust the bougie in it so that it can stand into the water.
  • Add little bit of kerosene into the water.
  • Put the bougie into the glass.
  • Then set the bougie on to the fire.

5th:- Make a paper cup bomb:

  • Take two paper cups and join them with tape.
  • Now make at one side of the combo of glass.
  • Now put the lighter into the glass through the whole.
  • Wait 5 minutes and blow the lighter.


There will be a blast in the cups. And one cup will be throughout.

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