XRD Machine

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XRD Machine

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO45204

XRD Machine Manufacturer


The machine will be supplied with following as minimum specifications:-

X-Ray Tube

  • Type: sealed
  • Anode: Cu

X-Ray generator

  • Generator output power: 3KW
  • Tube voltage setting: 20-60KV
  • Tube current setting: 2-80mA


  • Radius: minimum 200mm
  • Minimum step angle: 0.0001°
  • Scan range: -6 to 82°
  • Filter:Ni


  • Observation window: Lead contained transparent acyrl plate min 8mm thick.

Standard Accessories

  • Sample holders for powder
  • Setting jig
  • Absorber
  • Standard sample
  • Case for attachment

Data Processing

  • This is used to control the XRD system and collect measurement data as well as analyze data by various forms of data processing Hardware system
  • PC/AT compatible machine
  • CRT 17 “ 1280×1024 color
  • Color printer
  • Control software
  • Data processing software for:-
    • File management, conversion from XRD to ASCII data and back
    • Basic data processing; smoothing, subtraction of background, peak search, system error correction, calculation of integrated intensity, etc.
    • Qualitative analysis; Automatic search and match using ICDD data base
    • Quantitative analysis: generation of working curve, calculation for unknown samples
    • Graphic display: vertical display, horizontal display, superpose (3D) , log scale.
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